Christmas Message December 1961

I would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. May you be inspired by this letter and continue your prayers for America and her friends (and enemies) around the world.

Here is Joel’s message to you from 1961.

Many, many times the Christ has appeared on earth as individuals – Lao-The, Buddha, Shankara, Jesus, John, Paul, Nanak, and many others. Now the time has come when the Christ must appear as every individual. That is the activity, the function, the purpose, and the reason for the message of The Infinite Way.

The Infinite Way has been sent to prepare the consciousness of the world, not for the second coming of the Christ, but for the first coming, since the Christ has never been on earth as universal consciousness, and The Infinite Way is preparing the world for the first experience of the Christ as the consciousness of mankind.

The message that has been given to me is that “the natural man,” the man of earth, that man who receiveth not the things of God is to be replaced by the man who has his being in Christ, the son of God.” Throughout the 1961 and 1962 classes, the subject was “Raising up the Son of God in You,” lifting up the son of God in you. This does not mean a personal “you”, but you, the consciousness of mankind.

Whatever The Infinite Way accomplishes with you as a person or with any of our teachers or practitioners is incidental only to the major function which is to reveal the first coming of the Christ as the consciousness of mankind. This will be the first time that this has ever happened on the face of the globe, and it will be the last time because the Christ will never be lost once it is established. The Christ can be lost when it comes as the consciousness of only one individual or even as the consciousness of one group because when that individual or that group leaves the earth the consciousness departs, but when the Christ comes as the consciousness of mankind, it will never again be absent from the world.

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