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  1. Hello,

    I have been reading and listening to recordings etc. of the works of Joel for the past three plus years.

    One of the books I purchased is The Foundation of Mysticism and I was just about to begin my second read.

    This time after reading the introduction I wanted to know who Allen Marsh was.

    After an internet search I find out that Mr. Marsh has performed an edit and has changed some of Joel’s original message.

    How much I don’t know.

    I can’t tell you how disheartened I am to find this out and I can’t understand why he would do this.

    I am unbale to read this book now as I don’t know what is pure Joel and what is not.

    Joel’s message was pure and came as he says from “the still small voice”.

    His message came strictly from God.

    Any light you are able to shed on this, I would greatly appreciate.

    Thank you.

    Brock Loewen.


    1. Hello Brock,
      I share your disappointment. That’s why I set up this site! There were so many who thought they could add or improve on Joel. We all sometimes may think that for ourselves and then we share and find that the best is just pure Joel to be understood by everyone in their personal way. Please don’t loose heart. There is so much that we have that is not tampered with. I will make a list and you can check back here. If you like, please join our Sunday meetings when we read Joel’s Letters. I would also recommend his early works and my Hawaiian Healing Outlines.

      I did not know Allan Marsh. He was chosen by Michael Krup the owner of Acropolis. I was very excited to see my friend, Michael do the book and sad when we checked and found changes. Best to stick with things before 1964/65….When Joel left, things began to change in the work.


      1. Brock,
        This is from the page above, Joel’s Writings :
        Here are the titles of Joel’s early, unedited books now available from publishers. They will send the book directly to you.

        God the Substance of All Form
        (this is not at all like the book published by Citadel, later Acropolis)

        San Francisco Lecture Series

        Second San Francisco Lecture Series

        Hawaiian Healing Tapes
        Verbatim 1959 Hawaiian Healing Tapes
        Created by Jasha Salter under the guidance of Will Hoff
        Verbally permitted by Geri MacDonald

        Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture


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