Letter to THE TEN – The Secret of The Infinite Way

From Emma’s Collection

You remember, some time ago, the things that I wrote and said on the subject of subliminal perception. Actually the only reason for our discords is the fact that subliminal perception, or rather subliminal malpractice, is going on all the time. Only, it is not directed at us by persons, but by this universal carnal mind, which actually is not a Mind, but the human acceptance of two powers – good and evil. This mortal mind or carnal mind, which is no Mind, is continually bombarding us, unseen and unheard; and yet the message it sends forth reaches us, and we respond to it without even knowing that we have received such impositions of mental activity. The reason that the Infinite Way exists is that it has found the answer to this problem and how to meet it.

In the early years of my search, I was baffled by the fact that we have a God – so the churches say – who is Almighty Power, who is love, who is Infinite, Supreme, Divine. But, according to these same teachings, we have another character called Devil, or Satan, always warring with God and with the children of God, and so far as human experience is concerned, exercising far more influence on our daily lives than God; and therefore, religion seems to be aimed at securing the help of God to overcome the power and presence of this Devil or Satan. I never could reconcile such teachings. Later, when I came to the subject of philosophy and metaphysics, I found that this same teaching prevailed, except that the terminology differed. In philosophy, they have a power called Good, with a capital “G” and Evil with a capital “E”, and the same eternal warfare. In metaphysics they had something called Divine Mind, or Immortal Mind, and then, Satan, Evil, mortal mind, or what Paul called, “carnal mind”. All of these were in opposition to God, and they were therefore opponents of God, and therefore there was this constant need to find some way to influence God to help us overcome the works of the Devil, Satan, Evil, or mortal mind in our particular experience. The revelation that was given to me which forms, actually, the secret of our success in healing work, is that what is termed Evil, Satan, carnal mind or mortal mind is, actually, the sum total or the source of all erroneous conditions. But – and this “but” reveals our entire secret – but it must be understood that since Devil, Satan, Evil, carnal mind or mortal mind are not creations of God or emanations of God, and since they are not God-ordained or God-empowered, they are as nothingness – or what the Hebrew leader called the arm of flesh, or later was called the fleshly mind. Once you begin to perceive this – that there is no conflict between good and evil, there is no conflict between God and Devil, no conflict between health and disease, but that whatever you may name as a negative form of expression or activity can be summed up as an appearance, or a mental imposition thrown at one, yet having no law, cause, substance or reality. Watch the magic that you bring into your experience when you understand this principle.

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