Howard Hughes Crash 7/7/1946

Howard Hughes’ plane crash in Beverly Hills which Joel witnessed July 7, 1946.

Joel’s Story

“On the way back from dinner, as they were driving along, Nadea said to him, “Look what’s ahead of you, but please remember that it is the activity of the Christ.” There before their eyes was an airplane falling fast with the black smoke pouring out of it. As a matter of fact, it crashed at the very moment and went right down through the roof of the house. The plane and the house were engulfed in flames.

“Joel pulled the car up sharp in front of the house, not knowing anything of a concrete or practical nature to do, he sat there praying, remembering that all that morning he had been living in this idea of the presence of the Christ. Almost as soon as he stopped his car, the driver of the car in the back of him jammed on the brakes, jumped out, threw himself on the lawn of the house, and crawled into the house with his nose down to the ground. A few moments later he came out with the pilot of the airplane [Howard Hughes] in his arms. While testing an experimental plane, the lone pilot apparently fainted and was unconscious at the controls as it crashed. He was inside the burning plane inside a burning house, but the man who crept along the ground, keeping his nose to the ground in the grass to avoid inhaling the smoke and flames, understood the mechanism of the airplane doors and how to open them from the outside. He was an ex-Marine who had been decorated five times for doing exactly the same thing.” 

Spiritual Journey of Joel S. Goldsmith p.165-66