Another Name

Another Name
by Joel S. Goldsmith

"Aloneness" has been granted me
Whether on Bishop Street at noon,
Or Kalakaua;
On Waikiki at sunset,
On the sands at Kailua,
Before dawn,
I am alone.
I walk alone in crowds
And feel the solitary Self
In the moonlight on the beach.

"Aloneness" has been granted me,
To walk with men,
To fly the skies,
And sail the seas,
Wherever heart is raised to Him
I walk alone.
At heat of day,
Or cool of eve,
On shore or city street,
The yearning Soul receives by Aloneness.

The sick are healed.
The restless are forgiven.
Alone, yet in the hearts
Of those who long for peace.
The restless feel my Aloneness;
The hungry eat it;
The thirsty drink it;
It washes impure minds
Of those who do not know,
Touching the mind with Light.

"Aloneness" has been granted me.
Alone I sit behind the prison wall
I pace the sickroom floor;
Wherever danger threatens,
My aloneness breaks the spell,
Where misery loves company,
My aloneness they may share.

Alone, I wake, and walk, and sleep
Alone, I sit or stand
Alone, I travel sea and sky
And sometimes till the land.
                                                       The Infinite Way Letters 1955, p116