Beginning the Infinite Way

Where to start?

Beginning a study of Joel involves both written materials and tapes. The source for the tapes is The Infinite Way office in Perris, California. There are also some tapes on line. The Holland series should be free to everyone for they were not copyrighted.

There is a new service by the Infinite Way office, tape streaming.

About the Service

Please read the posts I have written on the value of unedited books and letters. Practicing the Presence is the first book that is typically recommended. It is an excellent introduction. The Infinite Way is a difficult book as is Practicing the Presence. Save those for a bit later.

The beginning tapes are 8A and 12, Deep Silence of My Peace and Thunder of Silence. These will set you on course with meditation. From there, the 1959 Hawaiian Healing Tapes lay out the principles.

What is the difference between an Open Class and a Closed Class?

“Important as the letter of truth is, it of itself is of no avail: It is the Spirit that quickenth, and the Spirit comes to us through our hours of meditation during which the letter is illuminated. It is no longer in the realm of mind, but has found a resting place in the heart”. -Joel Goldsmith January 1958 Letter.

Joel gave many kinds of lectures. Some where “Open” classes where any student from any religion could find an introduction to Joel’s philosophy. Then there were “Closed” classes which were series of lectures. You needed to commit to the entire class and it was then “closed” for those wishing to simply have a taste of Joel’s teaching or come for only a part of the series. Closed Classes were deeper as the consciousness built over the course of the lectures.

If you are serious about studying, please consider getting all of the tapes of a particular “Closed Class” and as you listen, imagine yourself in the class with Joel, in the city on that day and time. The consciousness of the class still exists and you can tap into it.

“A closed class is an experienced and you will find that it is an experience of God in you.” -J.S.G.