Joel Books

Here are the titles of Joel’s early, unedited books now available from publishers. They will send the book directly to you.

  • God the Substance of All Form
    • (this is not at all like the book published by Citadel, later Acropolis)
  • San Francisco Lecture Series
  • Second San Francisco Lecture Series
  • Hawaiian Healing Tapes
    • Verbatim 1959 Hawaiian Healing Tapes
    • Created by Jasha Salter under the guidance of Will Hoff
    • Verbally permitted by Geri MacDonald
  • Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture

In the upcoming months I hope to produce these ebooks for you

Metaphysical Notes

Consciousness Unfolding

The Master Speaks

Published books from Monthly Letters

Our Spiritual Resources – 1960 Monthly Letters -accurate

The Contemplative Life – accurate 1961 Monthly Letters – accurate

Man Was not Born To Cry – 1962 Monthly Letters Letters – NOT accurate

Living Now – 1963 Monthly Letters – accurate

Realization of Oneness -1964 Monthly Letters – not checked

Published after Joel’s death in 1964 without his input or review:

Beyond Words and Thoughts 1965 Monthly Letters – NOT accurate

The following books were published from tapes that were used to make Letters, then edited

The Mystical I – 1966 Letters

Living Between Two Worlds -1967 Letters

The Altitude of Prayer – 1968 Letters

Conscoiousness is What I Am – 1969 Letters

Awakening Mystical Consciousness – 1970 Letters