The Circle of Christhood

This was circulated in 1995 to students nationwide by an unknown person. I thought it valuable for us to be reminded. Joel teaches that it does not matter if we do this alone or in a group, so long as you do it. However, we also know the statement: “When two or more are gathered together…” and the scientific data collected from the world prayer day after 9-11.  The world’s vibration was lifted in a measurable way. However, it receded when the prayers stopped, so it is important to continue prayers to maintain the elevated level of consciousness for the world.

In this time of mass confusion and fear, we can do so much to dissolve the negative atmosphere. Please join us on the hour and/or half hour whenever you can.

The Invisible Circle of Christhood

“No one on earth has enough money to provide or and educate all the children of the world, No nation on earth has enough resources to maintain and sustain all the impoverished nations. Therefore, we must find a different way of serving, blessing, helping and raising up the people of the world.

We never can reach all the billions of people in the world either with our money or with our healing gift. There is only one way in which that can be accomplished and that is through accepting the responsibility of spiritual realization . Everyone at our level of consciousness should e engaging in world work. Whether we do it in a united group or do it individually at home, alone, is not the important thing. The important thing is that it is done.” -Page 139 The Mystical I by Joel S.Goldsmith

To prepare for a Circle of Christhood Meditation it is suggested:

The Art of MeditationA Circle of Christhood, the last five pages of the book

Pp135-136. The Mystical I, which tells of the unveiling of “The Circle of Christhood”

Pages 139-141 from The Mystical I, “Accepting Responsibility for World Work.”

In the privacy of your own home, we invite you to accept your responsibility to be a link in the Circle of Christhood.

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Circle of Christhood