The Seven Steps

In the late 1940’s Joel wrote The Seven Steps as individual letters to his followers. These were published in a small pamphlet and later became part of The Collected Essays by Joel S. Goldsmith. You will notice the Christian Science terminology still part of Joel’s work then – mortal mind, Divine Mind, etc. Over time, Joel stopped using those terms.


“There are Seven foundational steps necessary to the understanding of spiritual existence, and it is helpful to try to understand the Truth in the following statements:


‘Call no man your father upon the earth; for one is your Father, which is in heaven.’

When we catch even a small glimpse of this Truth, we start to see the meaning of preexistence and we can understand why it is that man was never born and in fact, that there never was a creation, but that all that is, is unfoldment within the Universal Consciousness, which is your individual consciousness.’

Dear Friend,

The first step in the understanding of absolute Truth is revealed in the statement: “Call no man your father upon the earth; for one is your Father, which is in heaven.” This reveals immediately the impossibility of there being a material body, once we have acknowledged Spirit alone as creator. This likewise eliminates mortal mind and all of its activities, character and nature, and all mortal existence that has beginning and ending, and leaves us with incorporeal spiritual man.

It is not sufficient to read these statements and agree with them, but it is necessary to make a specific application of them in all of the circumstances that arise in our human experience.

Actually, God is not a creator but is Universal Consciousness, out of which all manifestation is evolved. Were there a creator, there would necessarily have to be a tine of creation or beginning. Viewing Deity as Consciousness, the universal substance, and the universe as a manifestation of evolution of that spiritual substance enables us to see that individual life, evolved from universal Life, or the manifestation of infinite Life, was never created and can never end, but must forever remain as life manifested, as divine Being individually formed, as eternal Consciousness individually expressed.

To know that “mortality is myth” is to lose all fear of persons, circumstances or conditions. If a tree should seem to have snakes growing out instead of branches, we would not attempt either to materially or mentally to remove the snakes. This would be foolishness, but we would stand still and know that this was an illusion and that as such it had no power to harm us in any way. With this sane viewpoint, the appearances of snakes would disappear and the branches of the tree become visible again.

Now actually, this would not be a healing of snakes, nor would snakes actually disappear to make room for branches – an illusion would merely be dispelled. Disease or lack represents snakes where branches are. In the very place where the discord or lack seems to be, there is pure Spiritual Being, there is divine Life expressed.

The consciousness of the presence of Spirit eliminates the belief of matter; the consciousness of the presence of Christ dispels the illusion of mortal man; the consciousness of the omnipresence of divine Mind annihilates the belief of mortal mind and its activities and all its formations.

This represents the cornerstone of spiritual understanding.

Sincerely yours,

Joel S. Goldsmith


‘The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.’

By recognizing that everything that is, is a part of the universal, is a possession of the Universal, and that everything that is in and of the Universal is forever expressing itself through the individual, we give up our sense of personal possession and start to draw from the Universal.

Dear Friends:

Our second step is: “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.” In the first step, we found it necessary to renounce human birth, mortal conception, earthly parentage – in order to realize that man is wholly spiritual, that not one trace of matter or human belief enters into the consciousness which is man.

It must follow that the source of man, infinite Spirit, must likewise be the possessor of all that is, in order to express this illness in and as what we know as creation or manifestation. “Son, all that I have is thine” involves first understanding that “all” belongs to universal Life. Then we can understand that universal Life can and does express all of its infinite qualities, nature and character individually as you and as me.

As there is no matter, all supply must be and IS spiritual. Home, furnishings, clothing, money, employment, business, etc., all of these must be seen as spiritual ideas of Mind, in Mind, and then it can be appreciated how Mind can express these through all men, not just some men.

Give up the sense of personal possession. It is a wrong sense. All that you or I possess of health, wealth, home, activity, intelligence, belongs to the infinite universal Mind, Life, Spirit, which we call God. These possessions, faculties, qualities of Mind, are expressed as the individual you and me – and, therefore, ALL that the Father has and is, is expressed as the individual son. Within you and within me, within individual consciousness is perfection – perfect health, perfect body, mind and spirit, perfect wealth, home, beauty and family. These are all embodied within our consciousness and go to make up our individuality.

In order to humanly enjoy these so-called earthly possessions we need to realize that as “I can of my own self do nothing” – so I can of mine own self possess nothing, but all these are mine because all belong to the universal source, and all are impartially, impersonally expressed in, through and as individual you and me. “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof” and “Son, all that I have is thine” is the truth about spiritual supply and its earthly manifestation in individual experience.

Looking upon God as the infinite source we look upon all men and things as creation or manifestation. All having the same source, we need never look to any manifested being for anything, but for all things look directly to the SOURCE – or better still, look within our own consciousness where infinite Mind is forever expressing its bounties.

Sincerely yours,

Joel S. Goldsmith


Dear Friend:

The third step is : “The glory I had in the beginning with Thee, Father,” is still mine. When we agree to “call no man Father on earth,” we naturally claim the divine Father-Mother God as our only parent, and thereby we claim for ourselves divine sonship. This spiritual self was never born and can neither age nor die. It embraces within itself every requisite by right of this sonship as “joint heir with Christ in God,” thereby eliminating struggle, effort or striving for that which we naturally inherit.

Agreeing that “the earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof,” and that we are “joint heirs” to all of this infinite Kingdom, it becomes necessary only to accept our good, our health, our home or supply. All of these things are a part of the glory of God and became a part of our inheritance the moment we recognized our true parentage. Because God is omnipotence, there is no power to deprive us of any of the glory with which He has endowed us. WE can, therefore, declare with emphasis, “All the glory I had with Thee in the beginning” is still mine. Remember that every divine idea is infinite; that every divine idea is omnipresent in Mind, and as there is but one Mind, whatever is a part of or present in this infinite Mind, is in your mind and in my mind, and if present in Mind, it is evident as manifestation, because “Mind and its manifestation is one; “Principle and its idea is one;” “I and my Father are one.”

In practical application, wherever there seems to be a human need, know that then and there the fulfillment exists as omnipresence in Mind, that because there is only one Mind, it is present now in your mind, and therefore manifested. It exists in Mind and manifests right where you are and NOW. You may claim it as your heritage; as part of that which Love imparted to you “in the beginning,” as part of the glory of the Babe; of the divine idea.

Nothing can ever be lost out of Mind; noting can ever disappear from consciousness; and all must ever remain as part of that original glory, which is your consciousness.

Sincerely yours,

Joel S. Goldsmith


Dear Friend:

The fourth step is: “He that is within you is greater than he that is in the world.” here it becomes necessary to remember that Consciousness is God; and that everything exists as an inseparable part of Consciousness; and also to remember that outside of Consciousness there is nothing. It naturally follows that Consciousness is greater than any of its formations; that Consciousness governs, controls, directs, leads, supports and sustains everything that is a component part of it, “from a blade of grass to a star.”

In the Bible we learn that “the Kingdom of God is within you.” This means that Consciousness is at the very center of your being and FROM out of your consciousness emanates all of which you are conscious, or aware. Out of Consciousness comes the universe in its entirety.’

Does this meant that Consciousness controls your flesh and blood, or business, or automobile? Yes, Indeed. Nothing can exist outside of Consciousness or apart from its control. “I can of mine own self do nothing, the Father within me He doeth the works.” “Consciousness constructs a better body when faith in matter has been overcome.”

Keep in mind the fact that invisible to human sense is the Power, the Father, divine Consciousness- and that this Consciousness is greater than anything in the material realm or realm of manifestation.

This Consciousness constructs bodies and businesses; goers all human contacts and relationships; it “goes before you to make the crooked places straight;” it “prepares a place for you;” it “sets a table before you in the wilderness;”it is your protector, supplier as well as your protection and your supply.

Sincerely yours,

Joel S. Goldsmith


Dear Friend:

The fifth step is: “I and my Father are one,” -that is, my individual consciousness is one with the divine, infinite, eternal, Consciousness, but is is individually expressed by me. Life is life; Mind is mind; Supply is supply; etc.

Instead of declaring Truth, affirming Truth, stating Truth, we are to LET Truth declare itself to us, in us, through us and as us. Then are we really in unity, at-one, with this Mind or infinite Consciousness. To believe that affirming many quotations from the Bible or metaphysical writings is uttering the Word of God, is folly. To believe that talking Truth, quoting truths, treating with Truth, is wisdom or divine, is absurd. This would lead to the belief that the best memorizer, or the best reader, or the most forceful speaker, would be the best healer, which of course is not so.

The good LISTENER is the best minister of the Christ. We must “listen for the still small voice.” We must let divine Mind unfold its truths to us; we must let universal Consciousness reveal its infinite nature, character, qualities and plan to individual consciousness. Then we can truly say: “I and my Father are one.” The impartation of Truth must be FROM Mind to us, and not from us to Mind, or even from us to another individual. “Mind spake” and it was so. GOD said: “Let there be light, and there was light.”

Consciousness reveals and unfold its beauties, harmonies and delights to individuals who are receptive and responsive. Mind selects the channels, persons or books, song or sermon through which its truths are revealed to human consciousness, – “you ave not chosen me, but I have chosen you.”

Sincerely Yours,

Joel S. Goldsmith


Dear Friend:

Our sixth step is: “He that is without sin, let him cast the first stone.” Only the consciousness that can see itself sinless, pure and perfect is realizing that there is but one consciousness and, therefore, only he can truly see the harmony and wholeness of his neighbor.

To live scientifically is to be conscious of but one Mind, one infinite, eternal Consciousness, impersonally and impartially manifested in all men. In this Mind there is neither sin nor disease, neither fear nor limitation – and therefore these negative qualities cannot be expressed by man.

The appearance of evil in ourselves or in other must always be met with the understanding that these qualities are not a constituted part of God and, therefore, are not inherent in God’s image and likeness. This true knowing removes even the appearance of error.

Qualities of thought unlike the Divine cannot operate in human consciousness to cause disease or perpetuate it.

We must continually rise above the personal sense of man to find that perfection of Mind and its idea of Love and its expression of Life and its manifestation. We must not accept as true the varied appearances of evil, but look behind the manifested realm to the Manifestor in order to rightly judge the manifestation, – its qualities, nature and character.

Only through spiritual sense are we able to discern the real man that ever stands behind the mortal. Only through spiritual discernment are we able to pierce the veil of matter and behold the spiritual universe, here and now, eternal in its being.

Man is not mortal. He is immortal. Man is not composed of brain and flesh and bones, but of infinite qualities of good, individually expressed. Man neither sins nor dies because man is God manifested; Life expressed; Love reflected; Intelligence unfolded. This true view of man reforms the sinner and heals the sick. It is the “peace be still” to error of every name or nature.

Only a mortal could “cast a stone”, could judge, criticize or condemn. God’s man can never do these things. “The Mind that was also in Christ Jesus” neither judges nor condemns, and this holy Mind is man’s only Mind. All else is not Mind but illusion; is not intelligence but is belief; and therefore without power or presence. There is but one Mind and in this Mind is neither sin nor punishment; neither judge nor judgment; and this Mind is the Mind of man.

Sincerely yours,

Joel S. Goldsmith


Dear Friend:

Our seventh step is: “My grace is sufficient for thee.” Moses failed to enter the “Promised Land” – the ultimate heaven or harmony’ because he saw error as a lesser power with which God had to contend, instead, of knowing error to be nothing, unknown to God. Our only duty is to know that God’s work is done. Jesus knew that God is the only power, that there is no other power to oppose the infinite activity of God, good.

The dawning of the Christ, Truth, confers a state of consciousness that is a state of grace. A state of grace is a state of consciousness which, recognizing that divine Love does not have to be used as a greater power to destroy a lesser power, knows that no lesser power exists. God is the only power. It is a state of consciousness that needs no denying of error. It is the perfect state of consciousness.

The purer the state of consciousness, the nearer we are to a state of grace, and the more clearly will the Christ operate in consciousness.

We are all states of consciousness, not persons. Jesus was a state of consciousness, and so thoroughly touched by the divine, that he could detect error and dissolve it, which resulted in healing. This is a state of grace.

The affirmative state of consciousness is one that establishes at-one-ment with God without mental effort. This is a state of grace.

Remember, it is the dawning of the Christ in consciousness that confers the state of grace, and this state of consciousness is sufficient for all needs.

Sincerely yours,

Joel S. Goldsmith