Original Monthly Letters

Here is a sample of Joel’s original Letters, sent to his followers. These Letters were later edited by Lorraine Sinkler and published as books. To read the Letters in their original is most powerful and the consciousness speaks directly to us.

Original Monthly Letters 1958-1970 pdf file

As experienced students of Joel’s Infinite Way understand, there is power in the original Monthly Letters he sent to his followers. If you would like to have a copy of this original letters, please send me an email. I have the Letters from 1958 to 1970 in their original version and will be sent electronically for you to read on any device. You may send your gratitude gift (suggested $10 per month) to the PayPal account at this email address. Thank you.


Published books from Monthly Letters

Our Spiritual Resources – 1960 Monthly Letters -accurate

The Contemplative Life – accurate 1961 Monthly Letters – accurate

Man Was not Born To Cry – 1962 Monthly Letters Letters – NOT accurate

Living Now – 1963 Monthly Letters – accurate

Realization of Oneness -1964 Monthly Letters – not checked

Published after Joel’s death in 1964 without his input or review:

Beyond Words and Thoughts 1965 Monthly Letters – NOT accurate

The following books were published from tapes that were used to make Letters, then edited

The Mystical I – 1966 Letters

Living Between Two Worlds -1967 Letters

The Altitude of Prayer – 1968 Letters

Conscoiousness is What I Am – 1969 LettersOri

Awakening Mystical Consciousness – 1970 Letters